Religious and Non-Profit Organizations

Religious institutions and other nonprofit organizations are called to serve the most vulnerable elements of society, and by virtue of their beliefs and missions, hold themselves to extremely high standards of ethics and morality. When problems arise in their employment decisions, in their extensive reliance on volunteers, in membership issues, or in handling claims for misconduct, we represent religious institutions in administrative venues and in federal and state courts. We have a thorough knowledge of the legal protections given to our religious entity clients by the First Amendment and the Ministerial Exception, and of the legal issues applicable churches, religious schools and camps.

Importantly, we consider it our mission to allow our religious and non-profit institution clients to navigate the legal landscape while holding true to the beliefs and objectives that define them. To that end, we provide training to our clients to avoid liability and the distractions of litigation. Our clients receive the benefit of our seminars on such matters as mandated reporter statutes and wage and hour laws, and receive responses to their day-to-day inquiries about legal matters.