Meyers Fozi Attorneys Win Summary Judgment in Race Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit

San Diego, California – May 11, 2015.  In May, the San Diego Superior Court granted a Motion for Summary Judgment in favor of Helix Water District.  In doing so, the court dismissed the plaintiff’s claims of race discrimination and retaliation under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). The plaintiff alleged that he was denied a promotion and received an unwarranted reprimand following a complaint that banter between two employees constituted race discrimination.  The court determined that the plaintiff was not subject to race discrimination in the workplace, as he admitted that none of his supervisors ever made any negative references to him or any other employee based on color or race.  The court also determined that the reprimand provided to the plaintiff did not materially affect the terms, conditions, or privileges of his employment, and was based on the plaintiff’s own admitted failures to complete assignment deadlines on time.  In addition, the court dismissed the plaintiff’s failure-to-promote claim because he provided no evidence that the District hired, promoted, or transferred any employee to the position to which the plaintiff believes he was qualified for.

The District was represented by partner Neal Meyers and associate Hayley Schwartzkopf.


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